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7 0 May 18, 2006 _DLP_GO2DL
Dragonfly Core Versionen
3 0 Nov 3, 2011 _DLP_GO2DL
Sonstige Module
37 0 Nov 3, 2011 _DLP_GO2DL
Sprachpakete & Übersetzungen

11 1 Dec 3, 2008 _DLP_GO2DL
Standard Module
9 0 Oct 8, 2009 _DLP_GO2DL
1 0 Mar 29, 2006 _DLP_GO2DL

 Personal Message V2
Rating: _DLP_NRATED Popularity: 2/5: _DLP_SBAVG _DLP_PUBLISHED: 19.10.2006 16:36
Personal Message V2
Version V2
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: clubhouse HomePage 0 reviews

 phpBB2 zu CPGnuke converter
Rating: _DLP_NRATED Popularity: 3/5: _DLP_AVG _DLP_UPDATED: 04.02.2006 11:58
Mit disem tool kann man die Daten eines phpBB2 boards in CPGnuke Dragonfly integrieren.
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: CHIG HomePage 0 reviews

 Postnuke to Dragonfly (PN2DF)
Rating: _DLP_NRATED Popularity: 2/5: _DLP_SBAVG _DLP_UPDATED: 03.03.2006 15:11
I noticed many people interested in this process but no really solid provision being made to assist those who wanted to migrate. Here it is; slight PHP knowledge is required so you can at least understand what you're looking at.


* Align th
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: Ertan HomePage 0 reviews

 Rank Gif`s
Rating: _DLP_NRATED Popularity: 3/5: _DLP_AVG _DLP_UPDATED: 04.02.2006 11:57
Rank Gif`s fürs Forum von 9.x oder 8.x
Version alle
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: Triple_X HomePage 0 reviews


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