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DragonflyCMS [ Neueste Version ]   _DLP_EDPICK
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Version History
Track changes made to DragonflyCMS [ Neueste Version ] since its original version.

20.01.2014 18:20 by Ertan

Includes bug fixes, improvements and increased PHP5 compatibility.

15.01.2013 11:55 by Ertan

Several issues fixed caused by the security fix.

10.04.2012 19:11 by Ertan

I found a new less critical Dragonfly security advisory secunia.com/advisories/47999/

Therefore i released Dragonfly which solves the XSS (Cross Site Scripting) report.

There is a slight change some things might not work properly anymore as i modified cmsinit.inc to block any request that contains:

  • <script

  • <object

  • <iframe

For a manual patch see:



14.02.2012 12:15 by Ertan

new version

30.12.2011 11:28 by Ertan

neue Version

03.11.2011 09:36 by Ertan

Initial Version

Interactive software released under GNU GPL, Code Credits, Privacy Policy