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 Members Google Map
Rating: _DLP_AVG Popularity: 5/5: _DLP_VPOPULAR _DLP_PUBLISHED: 03.03.2006 15:46
Members Google Map is a fully configurable module that allows your Dragonfly site's members to place their locations on a map driven by Google's mapping engine. Clicking on their markers pops up their profile info.The module is also integrate
Version 0.7
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: Ertan HomePage 1 review

Rating: _DLP_AVG Popularity: 5/5: _DLP_VPOPULAR _DLP_PUBLISHED: 05.07.2006 14:54
Erweiterte Mitgliederliste mit integrierter "Last Seen"-Funktion

Für Dragonfly CMS Version 9.1.x.x CVS
Version 1
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: Poldi HomePage 1 review

Rating: _DLP_NRATED Popularity: 5/5: _DLP_VPOPULAR _DLP_PUBLISHED: 01.01.1970 02:00
Original topic modul 2 mal im system
Version 9.01
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: Ertan HomePage 0 reviews

 IM multilanguage
Rating: _DLP_NRATED Popularity: 5/5: _DLP_VPOPULAR _DLP_PUBLISHED: 15.03.2008 17:14
IM Multilanguage Deutsch/Englisch
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: lexi_ HomePage 0 reviews

Rating: _DLP_NRATED Popularity: 5/5: _DLP_VPOPULAR _DLP_PUBLISHED: 24.02.2006 20:59
Website Document Mod v1.0 / Impressum

CPG-Nuke Port v2.2
Copyright (c) 2005 by Trevor
Version 2.2
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: Ertan HomePage 0 reviews

 Instant Messenger 1.1b
Rating: _DLP_NRATED Popularity: 5/5: _DLP_VPOPULAR _DLP_PUBLISHED: 24.02.2006 21:12
Instant Message Module für CPG-Dragonfly™ CMS
Version 1.1b
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: Ertan HomePage 0 reviews

Rating: _DLP_NRATED Popularity: 5/5: _DLP_VPOPULAR _DLP_PUBLISHED: 24.02.2006 21:17
Contacts Pro: Exclusively for the Dragonfly CMS by the MwA Dev Team |
| Copyright © 2005, 2006 by Kyle Stubbins and Myndworx Asylum
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: Ertan HomePage 0 reviews

Rating: _DLP_NRATED Popularity: 5/5: _DLP_VPOPULAR _DLP_PUBLISHED: 27.02.2006 16:19
Treasury for CPG Dragonfly CMS v9.1.0.0
THIS IS NOT A SIMPLE UPDATE - this version works from IPN exclusively, NOT PDT.
Version v9.1.0.0
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: Ertan HomePage 0 reviews

 DF Main Menu
Rating: _DLP_NRATED Popularity: 5/5: _DLP_VPOPULAR _DLP_PUBLISHED: 03.05.2006 11:04
Sehr praktisches Modul zur Erstellung von Menüs in DF.
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: Golem HomePage 0 reviews

 Never Ending Story
Rating: _DLP_NRATED Popularity: 5/5: _DLP_VPOPULAR _DLP_PUBLISHED: 12.09.2005 10:03
Das unvermeidliche Modul "Die unendliche Geschichte".
Jeder kann absatzweise an einer Story schreiben.
Version 0.3
_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY: designSumpf HomePage 0 reviews

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